Our vision is for an inspired and empowered people working together, appropriately positioned to ensure all God’s gifts are leveraged to further his Kingdom.

To this end, our V100 goal for 2019 is to secure 1.5 million above normal tithes and offerings in order to accelerate the Vision of First Assembly to support global missions, local church expansion and invest in future Christian leaders.

One of the prophecies spoken over our church is that she, like Sarah from the Bible, will give birth to fulfill God's promises in her old age. Now is the time to look forward again, trusting God to lead us to new levels of faith for the future generations: fulfilling our first 100 years and building a launching pad for the next 100 years, should Jesus tarry.

Today, God has graced our church as we experience a powerful and renewed season of spiritual harvest. Thank you in advance for stepping into the vision whole heartedly. We are excited to partner with you in the days ahead.

In 1927, a small group of believers with a passion to reach the lost for Jesus, formed the Pentecostal Tabernacle of Calgary. Since then, God has empowered this church as a beacon of light to our city and world, blessing us with many seasons of growth and expansion as we continue to step out in faith. At her roots, First Assembly remains a mother church, birthing new churches and ministries, taking the Gospel message to the very ends of the earth as God continue to change countless lives for eternity!

Our Testament

In 1927, a small group of believers with a passion to reach the lost for Jesus, formed the Pentecostal Tabernacle of Calgary. Since then, God has empowered this church as a beacon of light to our city and world, blessing us with many seasons of growth and expansion as we continue to step out in faith. At her roots, First Assembly remains a mother church, birthing new churches and ministries, taking the Gospel message to the very ends of the earth as God continue to change countless lives for eternity!

A message
from Pastor Ben

Starting in 2018, we are celebrating the introduction of Vision 100 “Above & Beyond”

On the last Sunday of November, we are asking our church to bring a sacrificial offering to the Lord that goes above and beyond normal tithes and offerings.

God has called FA to be a generous people. For close to 100 years we’ve obeyed and, as a result, God continues to use us for a significant purpose: to reach thousands of people for Christ through churches started, ministries birthed and missionaries sent around the globe.

This generosity reflects the example Jesus set for us when he GAVE his very life to purchase salvation for everyone!  – 1 Timothy 2:6

His spirit of Generosity defines who we are and saturates everything we do. This is who we are and thus, everything we do is about reaching lost people and building the Kingdom of Jesus Christ; and while we continue to invest in missions around the world, there is plenty of work to be done right here in Calgary. This city is ripe for the gospel, filled with precious people searching for hope and purpose; for a life that offers something more.

It takes all of us as a church giving in the areas we can to fulfill God’s will. It’s not about equal contribution, it’s about equal commitment and sacrifice. By giving, we are able to go further and reach more people.  As we work together and everyone does what God has called them to do…together, we will see this vision come to pass.

Our Master calls us to ‘Go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled. – Luke 14:23

I believe God has called Heather and me to Calgary for such a time as this.  The greatest opportunity for a spiritual harvest us already upon us. We share a deep spiritual burden for Canada – specifically to reach both the unchurched and the next generation with the good news of Jesus Christ. We long to see a fresh outpouring of The Holy Spirit in our time and we believe that some of the most exciting days for the Canadian church are ahead.

Our V100 “Above and Beyond” miracle offering will take place November 25th.

Please plan and pray about what God would ask you to give by faith this year.  Remember, it’s not about the amount you give, it’s about the worship and sacrifice you bring as you sow your offering to the Lord. When we all give sacrificially, we all get to step into the realm of the miraculous, together!

These are exciting days!
Pastor Ben

Our 2018-2019 Vision

Our focus for the next year can be broken down into five distinct initiatives.


Tehillah Ministry School:

Raising up spirit empowered disciples


Tehillah Ministry School is a nine-month discipleship program that offers both an academic side, through partnership with Vanguard College and IBOLT, as well as a practical side, where students will be a part of the Tehillah Monday ministry and work in the local church as interns.

Tehillah Monday has had a deep heritage of gathering believers from across the city and raising up leaders for over two decades.

Elbow Drive Building Revitalization:

A fresh vision for a fresh season


We are getting near the completion of our elbow Drive renovation. At First Assembly we focus on loving all people to Jesus. These renovations are essential for our big picture vision. They communicate our heart of excellence to be a resource to our community and our city. Our refreshed facility will greatly enable us to be more effective, especially in helping newcomers and new believers to belong, believe and become all that God desires them to be.


South Campus Presence:

Supporting soul-winning through community groups in South Calgary


To prepare for the new fixed presence in South Calgary, and to accommodate the growing demand for our Sunday gatherings, we are preparing to launch a campus in the Seton area that will attract a congregation focused on soul-winning via community group outreach. This campus, offers our one Church, two different location options and delivering a people presence in the area that can help pave the way for our building presence.

To start, we plan to launch regular outreach events and multiply community groups.  Once a core is established we will begin a weekly weekend services in a rented facility in the South that will act as our FA South Campus. This gives us the opportunity to reach more people with the good news of Jesus while we establish a permanent First Assembly South Campus site and ministry hub (see below).

South Property Seed:

Sowing seeds for growth beyond belief

$1 million

“…seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop, some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times.”
Mark 4:8 (NIV)

As a church we are experiencing growth in our Elbow Drive location and are aware of the fact that Calgary is expected to more than double in size, hitting 2.4M, by 2041. And while growth will no-doubt stretch across the City, we are feeling called to South Calgary as a hub for exponential growth throughout the communities surrounding the Seton area. As the Kingdom continues to expand, we are believing for a ministry property that would include a church, a school, seniors housing and a variety of options for business incubation.

We are trusting God for at least 1 million dollars as a seed deposit. These seed funds will give us the ability to place a deposit on the land as it becomes available, and begin the process of engaging an architect for Phase 1.


Siberia (Russia) Ministry:

Accelerating a soul-winning, church-planting vision


In 1993, Ilya and Janet started Novoilyanskaya Church in Novokuznetsk, and 25 years later, their progress is nothing short of amazing. To-date they have planted 22 churches across Russia, and with our help, have a new vision for five satellite churches in each section of  Novokuznetsk in the next five years.

The first satellite church is planned for Easter Sunday 2019 in the Ilyinka District of Novokuznetsk; a working-class area housing 100,000 people in hundreds of high rise buildings on the left bank of the Tom River. An existing building has been identified as the ideal fit for:

  • A satellite church to accommodate several hundred people
  • Educational facilities to help train new leaders and pastors for future satellite campuses
  • Community center to minister to people’s social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs

The goal is to remove the suspicion towards the evangelical church by offering life-skills seminars, fitness programs, and a pregnancy care center within the same facility the congregation uses for weekend worship services.

As we sow seeds locally, we want to think and act globally too. The scriptures tell us that whatever we sow will return favorably upon First Assembly, and this property is essentially a spiritual seed being planted into an unreached harvest field that will produces a spiritual harvest for our Russian friends in Siberia.

Identify. Inspire. Invest. Influence.

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

Thank you for your obedience to The Lord. Your giving positions our church to fulfill the next steps in God’s Kingdom. Together, we will set the stage for something truly worthy of a 100-year investment. Just look at how much we’ve already accomplished!

  • Tehillah Ministry School


    of $100k raised

  • Elbow Drive Building Revitalization


    of $200k raised

  • South Property Seed


    of $1m raised

  • South Campus Presence


    of $100k raised

  • Siberia Ministry


    of $100k raised

  • $223K

    of $1.5M raised



We've captured what we're doing and where we're going in the following videos.


We are a unified community of believers, driven by a compassion for those in need and an excitement surrounding the chance to introduce them to the blessings that abound within The Kingdom of Jesus.


For a printable PDF version of the messages captured on this website, click the link.


We encourage you to listen to Pastor Ben’s message from Vision Sunday to understand our heart for these initiatives and details surrounding our future calling. click the link.

Building FAQ

Currently there are no plans to sell the Elbow Drive facility. We believe we are called to be a church in several locations. We deeply feel the need for a church that proclaims the name of Jesus in the present location.

At this point, there are no timelines in place. Many variables are needing consideration including city approvals for utilities and roads, developer timelines, building designs, etc.

First Assembly has always been a mothering church. In Calgary, we have been directly involved in several church plants over our 90-year history. We deeply believe we are called to continue this focus and will be partnering with ARC Canada as our main church planting focus, enabling us the ability to sow into other church plants not just in Calgary but in major population centers across Canada. For more information on ARC Canada you can reference their website at arcchurches.ca

Again, First Assembly has always been called to missions. We have re-structured our missions’ programs such that there are three primary focus areas: Local, National and International. We commit to continued support of local missions’ activities such as the Calgary Dream Centre; National activities such as Missions Canada support through our PAOC fellowship; and we are also continuing support of several International missionaries, some of whom have been directly sent from our house.

The easy answer is we don’t; however, looking back over the 90-year history of First Assembly, what we’ve accomplished in this city, around the world and our growth trends at the present facility, we need to do something. We know that we consistently see new salvations and recommitments, and our ministries like Kids and Youth are seeing fantastic growth. We are investing incredible amounts of energy and intentionality with discipleship at First Assembly and how we track people on their journey. Considering all these factors as we approach our centennial year we believe God is calling us into a place of faith on what His plans are for the future of First Assembly.

Your leadership has spent several years considering the fate of our present facility and what the future looks like for First Assembly. There have been many hours of prayer and fasting that has led us to where we are. Looking beyond the life cycle of the Elbow Drive building it also became apparent that there was immediate need to secure property elsewhere as the city continues to grow. In 1967 the group of believers meeting at the Pentecostal Tabernacle of Calgary in its downtown location pursued and secured the purchase of farm land located on the outskirts of town. With the development of our present location on Elbow Drive the city has exponentially grown around us and we are now in a pinnacle location. In the years since the relocation to Elbow Drive, First Assembly was instrumental in the acquisition of several properties that have been used for Kingdom advancement such as the Calgary Dream Centre, Master’s Academy and land near present day Westside King’s Church. Securing the purchase of land in an area planned for expansive growth for the City of Calgary will again provide the opportunity to position First Assembly in the heart of a residential area giving us the opportunity to continue our vision of Loving All People to Jesus.

The limitations of our space are very real. Although we can grow our Sunday attendance a little the reality is that in a church context, studies by various organizations have revealed that once you reach approximately 80% capacity in your gatherings, you effectively stop growing because of the perception that the room is full. Additionally, our kids’ ministries regularly run out of space during our main gatherings and for safety reasons leaders have to adjust their programs quickly so as to not infringe on room capacities.

As we considered the history of First Assembly and our approaching the centennial year, we landed on Vision 100 celebrating what God has done in and through First Assembly and looking forward to what He is going to do. V100 was quickly adopted as the short form of our project name. We feel the slogan of Building upon our History and into our Future sums it up quite well.

If you feel impressed to give now we can certainly facilitate that. As for how much should you give, only God can tell you that. We would encourage you to make this a matter of prayer, discuss with your family and finally be willing to step out in faith and obedience as God calls you.

Thanks for your willingness to help. At various times, we will be starting committees to assist with the workload in projects such as this and will be communicating such at the right times. Right now, you can pray. Pray for your leadership. Pray that God provides wisdom and discernment together as we move forward. Pray for health and wellbeing in their families as they spend many hours sowing into the Kingdom of God. Pray for finances and favour with developers as things move forward. Finally, pray that souls will be reached for His Kingdom. It is not about buildings and land; it has always been and will continue to be about reaching everyone we can with the saving power of Jesus Christ.